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Not Your Average  Access Programming Company

We are an association of VBA programmers, database consultants and application developers who specialize in VBA programming for Access, Excel, Word, Outlook and SQL server to develop the complete office automation solution for your business. Our passion is to build the best solutions for our clients and to support them with innovative, cost effective approaches.

Our application architect, Geoff Keegan, has over 20 years of experience as a business analyst, application architect, programmer and trainer. His experience includes developing applications for small businesses, government agencies, regional banks and national healthcare companies.

  • If you are looking for help with an existing VBA application for Access, Excel or SQL Server, we can assist you 

  • If you are looking to develop a new application or replace on old one, let us give you a free estimate

The Power of Access and VBA

Today, Access has the power and reliability to support a small multi-user application program. VBA adds tremendous programming functionality to Access and can be integrated with Excel, Word and Outlook. When you are looking for scalability and performance for an enterprise level solution, use SQL Server to store the data for the VBA program.

VBA programming in Access, Excel, Word, and Outlook offers a low cost platform to program your solution. Access has a very powerful forms and reports generator for rapid application development, which lowers the overall cost of programming your solution.


Access and Excel VBA Programming and Application Development

We make it a priority and constant goal to execute the most thorough processes to meet your every need. To accomplish this goal, we offer the full range of SDLC (systems development life cycle) services including business analysis, application design, programming, testing, implementation, documentation, training, and maintenance. We offer these comprehensive services all at a price lower than traditional application development environments.

Using the power of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), we can integrate Access, Excel, Word, and Outlook. If you are looking for scalability and performance for an enterprise wide solution, then we will implement SQL Server as your database engine. If you need to tap into the data of your core processing systems that are using ORACLE, Sybase or any of the other leading production databases, we can help you.

Application Models

Basic Office Automation
If you have a unique business model that requires a custom application to automate your office process, we can help you build that system. By using VBA and the Microsoft® Office suite of productivity tools, we can leverage your existing investment in computing resources and staff knowledge to build a system that works the way your company does.


Access and Excel VBA Consulting and Support

Our Access and Excel VBA support services can help you with your existing applications and spreadsheets.

   Do you need to troubleshoot a bug in an existing application or spreadsheet?

   Do you want help to enhance your existing VBA applications?

Our Access support services can help you get the job done. We also offer remote technical support services using GoToMeeting, so that help is only a phone call away

SQL Server Integration
If your business needs the capacity and performance for an enterprise level solution, then we will use SQL Server as your database engine. This service supercharges your Access database application by creating an industrial strength rational database that supports hundreds of users and stores terabytes of information.

Access Data Marts

Production systems typically hold historic data in a detailed format, which makes comparatives and trend analysis difficult if not impossible. Furthermore, getting at it can be a time consuming challenge for your staff because the data may not be organized for management reporting and needs to be transformed into actionable information for decision makers.

You can reduce your staff’s time to produce standard and ad hoc reports as well as Excel analytic models using an Access database with VBA programming that captures and stores key information from your core processing systems. VBA transforms this key information into easy-to-understand business informatics in Excel, Word, or PDF format, and can distribute them via Outlook to management and staff alike.

Custom Solutions

We will work with your team to develop a software solutions unique to your business needs. Using VBA, Access can be programmed for standard reporting and integrated with Excel for custom reporting and analytic modeling. If you need an enterprise wide solution, use SQL Server as your database and VBA to program Access, Excel and Word as your user interface.

Here are some of the applications we have built for our clients.

   Commercial Relationship and Credit Management
   Real Estate Collateral Sensitivity Analysis (Stress Test)
   Marketing and Business Development
   Practice Management Reporting and Analytics for Allscripts
   CMS Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)
   Patient Intake and Care Coordination System
   Hospital and Practitioner Rate Modeling and Analytics
   Competitive Reimbursement Benchmarking
   Cost and Utilization Reporting
   Network Access and Adequacy Reporting
   Network Recruitment System
   Network Penetration Analysis
   Network Pricing Analysis
   Licensing System
   Securities Regulation System
   Fixed Asset Management
   Contract Attorney Case Management
   Securities Registration and Case Management
   Resort Reservation System
   Explosives Inventory Management
   Mail Order Entry and Fulfillment